Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes holds off Hercules

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes retained the number one spot at the UK and Ireland box office in its second week of release. The well regarded sequel to 2011’s Rise of the Planet Apes took £3.75m, bringing its cumulative box office to $17m.

The highest new entry was the Dwayne Johnson vehicle Hercules, which entered the chart in second spot with £1.45m. Brett Ratner’s movie is the second about the mythical hero to open this year.

There were three other new entries in the top 10 the chart. Earth to Echo is a family friendly adventure about three friends who discover an alien. It opened at six taking £618,379.

Asian action comedy Kick, starring Salam Khan, made its debut at eight with £239,850. It averaged £1,860 at the 129 cinemas it was screened.

Animated film The House of Magic, about a ginger kitten took £223,047.It averaged £724 across 308 screens.

The coming weekend is likely to be dominated by the latest Marvel comic adaptation, Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens on Thursday.

UK and Ireland box office: 25-27 July 2014
  1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - £3.75m
  2. Hercules - £1.45m NEW
  3. The Purge: Anarchy - £1.17m
  4. How to Train Your Dragon 2 - £990,959
  5. Transformers: Age of Extinction - £803,063
Source: FDA

Lucy shoots past Hercules at US box office

Lucy, a thriller starring Scarlett Johansson, topped the US and Canadian chart this weekend, outstripping Dwayne Johnson as the mythical hero Hercules. Directed by Luc Besson, the film is about a woman who discovers she can perform difficult espionage tasks by enhancing her thought patterns.

Lucy’s takings of $43.8m were high for a non-franchise action movie and place it on a par with thrillers such as Wanted ($50.9m) and Taken 2 ($49.5m), and well ahead of The Bourne Legacy ($38.1m) and Salt ($35m). However, the film generated a mediocre C+ CinemaScore anong an audience that was evenly split between men and women and of whom 65% were aged over 25.

Johnson’s Hercules took $29.8m over the weekend. Brett Ratner's film performed better than Jan de Bont’s The Legend of Hercules, which debuted on just $8.6m when it opened in US cinemas in January.

The Rock, as Johnson is known to his fans, has been actively promoting the movie via Facebook and Twitter. The Rock’s commitment seems to have paid off and the audience, which was 58% make and 64% over the age of 25 seems to have liked the good humoured film, rewarding it with a B+ CinemaScore.

Other new entries caters for audiences not looking for gun and sword play. And So It Goes, a romantic comedy starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton opened at eight with first weekend takings of $4.6.

The John Le Carre thriller A Most Wanted Man opened at 10 with takings of $2.7m. The film stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as a counter-intelligence agent fighting terrorism in Germany.

North American box office takings are down around 20% compared to last year's record summer. The release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to reverse this trend.

North American box office: 25-27 July 2014
  1. Lucy - 43.89m NEW
  2. Hercules - $29.8m NEW
  3. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - $16.76m
  4. The Purge: Anarchy - $16.76m
  5. Planes: Fire & Rescue - $9.52m

Source: Box Office Mojo

Monday, 28 July 2014

Peter Capaldi's Doctor to make debut on big screen

Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi’s debut as the new Doctor in the long-running Doctor Who will be broadcast simultaneously on BBC One and in cinemas. The feature-length episode, titled Deep Breath, will be simulcast in UK cinemas on 23 August. Cinemas the US and Canada will screen the episode from 25 August.

Last year over 1,500 cinemas around the world screened 50th anniversary The Day of the Doctor episode at the same time it screened on BBC One.

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who’s executive producer, said: “Last November The Doctor didn't just conquer the world on television, he did it in the cinemas too. And like the show-off he is, he can't resist another go – one taste of the silver screen is never enough. On 23 August, the new Doctor will begin his new adventures on BBC1 and in cinemas all over the world. Movie-land beware – Capaldi is coming to get you.” 

Deep Breath is set in Victorian London and features Jenna Coleman as the Doctor's sidekick, Clara Oswald as well as returning characters Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and Strax the Sontaran (Dan Starkey).